The Cold of 2022

I was talking today with a local commercial fisherman that reported seeing a few snook floating in the area of Deer Island. This was after the cold weather from a couple weeks ago. I did not see any snook affected by this cold weather, but I have in the last few years.

How about you, have you seen any fish affected by the cold weather we have experienced the last few weeks?

It will be interesting to share this info so please join in!

Author: Lower Suwannee River Outdoor Adventures LLC

Hello Captain Tony here, I am the 5th generation of my family to hunt, fish and explore the Lower Suwannee River Estuary and adjacent Coastal Creek's and Marshes. I offer guided fishing adventures ranging from Backcountry, Bay/Inshore to Nearshore (9 miles or less). I also offer River and Estuary Eco/Historical tours

2 thoughts on “The Cold of 2022”

    1. Yes sir I agree, I am wondering why now? I am 62 and and my family has fished these waters for over 80 years. This is new, at times there have been big snook caught in the Suwannee River but not the coastal creeks North and South of the river.


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